Huadao Ecological Community is a bright base for practicing the integration of man and nature, innovation and civilization, and bringing life back to life.


To practice green ecological civilization, and promote Chinese traditional culture

Hua Tao Ecovillage, also known as " Hanmei Manor”, is a public-benefit project initiated by a group of domestic entrepreneurs, and is also the first official GEN member in China. This project is now under construction, of which the first phase would be completed and open to residents by the end of October 2015.


Actions speak louder than words

Smog, food security and energy crisis...... While facing those problems on earth, you may chose to live with them, or do what you can to deal with them: wearing a mask outside, buying imported milk powder, saving water, practicing green lifestyle. All these efforts are valuable, as you learn to protect yourself and cherish the earth.

Feeling the same way as you do, a group of entrepreneurs has devoted to promote concept of sustainable development, and accelerate development of environmental protection in China. Being together with you, they seek to cooperate with people who share the same vision and try to achieve the unity of human and nature in real life. And that’s why Hua Tao Ecovillage (Hanmei Manor) come into being.

  • Living Condition
  • Supporting Facilities
  • First-class green building materials

    Recyclable composite materials and light steel with low energy consumption, building an ecological city.

  • Quantum Resonance Technology

    Applying quantum technology to sewage and garbage treatment, eliminating secondary pollution, stink, mosquitoes and flies .

  • Western Sichuan courtyard, building a new neighborhood relationship

    Western Sichuan courtyard design, creating new space for interpersonal interaction.

  • Organic Farming

    Being Fallowed for three years, soil there is a gift for us from Chengdu, the Land of Abundance. Weeding by hands, instead of using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. We seek to achieve combination of traditional and modern farming techniques, grow non-GMO food which is safe, healthy and self-sufficient.

  • Hua Tao Grand Hall

    Communication center for Huatao philosophy, a permanent site of major forums and summits on sustainable development both domestic and international, promoting global exchanges on sustainable development issue.

  • Center of cultural and creative activities

    Base of cultural and creative activities, catering natural living goods without chemical additives, making full use of waste.

Huadao Multi-function Hall

It was completed in January 2016 and is an important public space, art space and cultural creation space in the community. The sculpture tree of life is designed by the Spanish artist and Chinese and Western cultural ambassador, Mr. Alvin Van de Linde, symbolizing the power of cohesion and endless life.

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